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The Princes in the Tower: The New Evidence



What happened to the Princes in the Tower? Did Richard III orchestrate the brutal murder of the two young princes in 1483 to seize the crown for himself? Or is this just a myth? Did the boys survive and return to fight for the throne?

A decade on from making worldwide headlines with the spectacular discovery of Richard III in a car park, writer Philippa Langley worked closely with the Brinkworth team over two and half years to develop the film. As new evidence and finds emerged across Europe, the 105 minutes (82 min running time) film took shape.

The programme sees Philippa and criminal barrister Rob Rinder embark on a revelatory road trip into the heart of medieval Europe to see some of the new evidence first hand. Will their ground-breaking discoveries uncover what really happened to England’s missing royals?

The programme was a hit with audiences. It achieved 1.912m consolidated viewers and an overnight of 1.269m, with a 10.2% share.

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