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When you are accused of a serious crime, everything is at stake. Your family, your friendships, your freedom. Every part of your life will come under scrutiny. Caught on the wrong side of the law and with the evidence mounting, could you cope? Or would you crack under the pressure? Only you know if you are telling the truth. Are you innocent or guilty?

The Accused tells the dramatic stories of people at the most vital and most terrifying moment of their lives. With unprecedented access, it reveals the true inside story of what happens when you are accused of a serious crime. Featuring the defendant, their family and their lawyers, it reveals the personal cost of every charge – watching each case unfold from the defendant’s point of view as they fight to clear their reputation.

Awards and Nominations:
  • Nominated for Best Original Programme at the Broadcast Television Awards
  • Nominated for Best Single Documentary at the Royal Television Society Awards
  • Nominated for Best Domestic Documentary at the Association of International Broadcasters
  • Shortlisted for Best Single Documentary at the Grierson Awards
Press quotes:
  • The Independent: “A remarkable film which has the potential to create a new genre in television”
  • The Guardian: “An intimate, gripping study of the justice system at work”
  • The Sunday Times: “A first for British television” The Sunday Times
  • The Telegraph: “Innovative, intimate…Gripping and groundbreaking…”
  • The Observer: “Compelling…”
  • The Express: “Never have I seen anything quite like The Accused before and what a strange, thought provoking programme it turned out to be”

The Accused

A remarkable film which has the potential to create a new genre in television

The Independent

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