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Police: Hour Of Duty



Season 1 - 4 x 60
Season 2 - 4 x 60
Season 3 - 8 x 60


2020 - 2022


Police: Hour of Duty is a police show like no other. Each hectic episode captures the incidents Derbyshire Police must tackle in just one sixty minute period – from 9 to 10pm.

With cameras embedded across the force, every episode delivers an access-all-areas deep-dive inside a force that never stands still. Every night sees officers coping with a wide range of cases, from county line operations to drug house stake-outs, revealing how they must fight crime against the clock.

Using an innovative approach both in the look and feel of the series, the use of split screen and how we tell the stories, Police: Hour of Duty delivers a new and unique perspective on the challenges faced every day by the police in a brand-new format.

Showcased in a special session at The Sheffield Documentary Festival, the show was a huge ratings success.

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