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Cold Case Investigators: Solving Britain’s Sex Crimes



Across the UK, there are hundreds of thousands of unsolved sexual offences lying dormant in police archives. Some go back decades. One remarkable police team is trying to change that, harnessing the power of modern DNA techniques.

This moving and compelling two part series follows a group of detectives who are identifying perpetrators and getting justice for victims whose crimes happened years ago. Made over two years and with unprecedented access, the programmes watch the investigations unfold as they try and catch the men involved. Harnessing the power of modern DNA techniques with investigatory skills, the episodes chronicle their efforts on three main cases following events all the way to court.

With three victims waiving their right to anonymity, the series reveals the human cost of these attacks and their consequences and real insight into a team determined to prove that there is no timescale to justice.

Press quotes:
  • **** The Guardian “This remarkable documentary goes behind the scenes at a new major crime unit digging into dormant cases – and getting closure for brave survivors who’ve been waiting for decades.”… “This is a gripping account of historical crimes and those who solve them and the processes are fascinating. Although the subject matter is delicate, this rarely feels too intrusive; it is as sensitive as it should be. Ultimately, it is about the survivors, whose courage and resilience are remarkable.”
  • **** The Independent “I applaud the unsensational tone the documentary took. There were no racy re-enactments, just sensitively delivered information and difficult filming choices that sometimes benefited the victim rather than the viewer. When King was sentenced, for example, it seems to have been decided that a face-to-face interview would be too much for Andy so his response was captured via a phone call. Less visually appealing perhaps, but much less intrusive.” … “Cold Case Investigators: Solving Britain’s Sex Crimes was a calm, forensic approach to documenting the investigation that lifted the lid on diligent police work. I fervently hope that other crime units around the country will take note and follow suit.”
  • ***** The Sun  “This is a fascinating look at  the important work of a remarkable and dedicated specialist police team.”
  • **** Daily Mail

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